Farm Property, Yamhill County, Oregon

Phase II ESA, Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study, Remediation Management 

Anderson Geological, Inc. (AGI) completed a Site Assessment and remediation of a farm property that had been impacted by a significant release of gasoline from an underground storage tank and a release of wood-treatment chemical (pentachlorophenol) from an area where the owner had operated a small dipping operation for wooden fence posts.  

The general area of pentachlorophenol-contaminated soil was identified, and a shed was demolished to provide access to the area. Groundwater was sampled from a temporary boring from a depth of 30 feet to assess for potential impacts, given that the farmhouse was served by well water.

The impacted soil was chemically profiled and was determined to be classified as hazardous waste, requiring disposal in Arlington, Oregon. The soil removal was completed and no groundwater impact was identified.

A significant volume of gasoline-contaminated soil was removed from another area of the site, with no identified impacts to groundwater. Given the reliance of the property owner on groundwater for the domestic water source, both areas required remediation that was protective of groundwater for use as drinking water. The site was issued a No Further Action from Oregon DEQ.