Former Edgefield Manor, Troutdale, Oregon

Anderson Geological, Inc. (AGI) completed three Phase One Environmental Site Assessments on the portions of the Edgefield property in Troutdale that were owned by Multnomah County. The county intended to sell the lands to private developers. 

The Edgefield property was the site of the old county poor farm and a tuberculosis hospital from 1911 until the 1980’s. The properties under evaluation consisted of large areas that were used for the cultivation of row crops, berries, and orchards (apple and pear).  Records documenting the use of lead and arsenic pesticides on the apple orchards were located in the county’s archives, as well as detailed site plans showing the former locations of the orchards. The facility’s abandoned waste water treatment facility, including a trickling filter and waste digester, was located on one of the parcels. 

AGI recommended sampling of soils in the former orchard lands for lead and arsenic, sampling in the former sludge-drying area of the waste water treatment facility for heavy metals and PCBs, the proper disposal of exposed cement asbestos waste water pipe, and the proper abandonment of an unused septic tank and water well. The careful decommissioning of the trickling filter was also recommended, as mercury was commonly used as a water seal in the sprinkler apparatus that could be easily spilled during the dismantling of the system.