Anderson Geological Inc.


Erik Anderson, R.G.

Anderson Geological, Inc.

P.O. Box 649

Wilsonville, Oregon 97070

(503) 682-2500


University of Minnesota - Minneapolis, B.S., Geology, 1984

Portland State University, 1985-1987, 52 hours graduate Geology (geochemistry,   hydrogeology)


Oregon Registered Geologist (#G1204)

Washington Licensed Geologist/Hydrogeologist (#169)

Alaska Licensed Geologist (#553)

Idaho Professional Geologist (#PGL-1615)

Oregon Certified Water Rights Examiner -2003 (#73723)

Hazardous Materials Handling and Response (40-hour, OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120)

Oregon Soil Matrix Cleanup Supervisor - 1990 (#12703) 

Oregon Heating Oil Tank Supervisor - 2001 (#19369)


American Institute of Professional Geologists

Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists


Employment History

Feb. 2004 - Present, Anderson Geological, Inc., Principal Hydrogeologist, Wilsonville, Oregon

· Performed and managed numerous Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments. 

· Designed and managed numerous environmental soil and groundwater remediation projects.

· Owner of business, responsible for marketing, project development and completion, client relations. 

Jan. 1988 - Feb. 2004, PBS Engineering and Environmental, Inc., Senior Hydrogeologist, Portland, Oregon

· Performed and managed numerous Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments. 

· Designed and managed numerous environmental soil and groundwater remediation projects.

· Wrote specifications and performed project management for numerous complex asbestos abatement projects for K-12 schools throughout Oregon and for underground storage tank installations.

July 1987 - Jan. 1988, PSI, Inc., Environmental Field Technician, Portland, Oregon

· Performed building surveys for asbestos-containing materials and performed air monitoring at asbestos abatement projects.

Sept.1985 - June1987, Portland State University Dept. of Geology, Teaching Assistant, Portland, Oregon 

· Developed lesson plans and instructed undergraduate university geology courses in General Geology, Stratigraphy and Sedimentation, Field Methods, Mineralogy and Petrology. 

Professional Experience

Mr. Anderson has more than 30 years experience in various phases of environmental assessments and environmental site investigations for a diverse group of clients in Oregon and Washington.

Erik has a broad technical background in environmental site investigations and remediation. His years of  completing and managing more than 1,500 Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and more than 700 soil and groundwater investigations and cleanups have given him valuable insight and perspective into the issue of assessment and remediation of properties. 

He has established a sound reputation and good working relationships with many state regulatory agencies and has managed many environmental investigations and remediation projects under the Oregon DEQ Leaking Underground Storage Tank Program, Voluntary Cleanup Program, and Independent Cleanup Pathway of DEQ, as well as numerous independent assessments and cleanups completed without DEQ oversight.

Work Examples - Erik Anderson, R.G.

· Managed a Phase I Environmental Assessment, soil and groundwater investigation, Risk-Based Corrective Action, ecological risk assessment, and beneficial water use determination of a Brownfields site (gas station) purchased through FEMA, the Oregon Economic Community Development Department, and the City of Tillamook for use as a greenway, park, and wetlands.

· Completed a site investigation and DEQ closure under the Voluntary Cleanup Program of 55 acres of agricultural land contaminated with pesticides. The site was the proposed location of a health care center and educational facility.

· Managed a remedial investigation and feasibility study at an operating asphalt plant. Contaminants included free-product petroleum in groundwater that migrated onto an adjacent property. 

· Installed, monitored, and obtained regulatory closure of a soil vapor extraction system for the remediation of  PCE-contaminated soils at a commercial dry cleaning facility.

· Provided initial assessment and management of the removal of 1,000 tons of soil contaminated by an historic pesticide spill on Interstate 5 in The Dalles, Oregon. The soils were removed for ODOT as part of the replacement of the bridge over Fifteen Mile Creek near The Dalles Dam. 

· Managed a remedial investigation/feasibility study, performed the pilot testing, and designed the installation of a dual extraction groundwater remediation project in downtown Salem where a historic fuel release resulted in up to 11 inches of free product (gasoline) on the water table. 

· Designed and managed the investigation of soils on an 11-acre automobile wrecking yard contaminated by petroleum hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, and lead.

· Served as team leader for geologic and hydrogeologic field mapping investigations for proposed stream and wetland improvements at Burnt Bridge Creek, Vancouver, Washington.

· Designed and managed the Site Characterization and Risk-Based Corrective Action Plan for gasoline UST release for a major food processing business. Release impacted a wetland and stream. Managed the completion of Level One and Level Two Ecological Risk Assessments to assess possible impact to wildlife.

· Designed and managed a pre-acquisition groundwater investigation for chlorinated solvents on two downtown city blocks for a 30-story high-rise office building. Installed deep groundwater monitoring wells in congested, high-traffic city streets.

· Managed Phase I Baseline Property Transaction Site Assessments on 25 Bonneville Power Administration electrical substations in Oregon, Washington, California and Montana.

· Conducted a Groundwater Assessment and Human Risk Assessment for a gasoline pipeline rupture in a Critical Ground Water Area in Washington County, Oregon. Obtained a No Further Action letter for the owner from the Oregon DEQ. 

· Managed a 3,000 cubic-yard landfill remediation project on a commercial property, including investigation of soil and groundwater, periodic groundwater monitoring, waste profiling, remediation design, development of project specifications, bidding, contractor selection, and project management.